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“I Do” was contacted in December 2016 by a Bride and Groom who wanted to get married early April and needed our full wedding planning and venue styling services…..we had no hesitation in saying “yes we can do that”

This was a couple who lived away from Nottingham but wanted to get married here due to the many family ties and memories associated with it. During the consultation meeting Sandra asked them both to describe in three words, what 3 must haves they desired for their wedding day.

It was unanimous, they both wanted fun, lots of music and more importantly for their families to feel involved! So the planning began, and from start to finish this B&G had a fun packed wedding filled to the rafters with elements of their favourite hobbies and pastimes.
Guests arrived to the wonderful sound of a Jazz Trio; we had poems read during the wedding ceremony by friends and family and the Groom composed a song and serenaded his Bride!

We had a vintage bus ride, chartered a vintage train and had afternoon tea and a picnic at a vintage railway museum……and we did all of this before moving on to an evening packed with more musical performances, a Freddy Mercury Tribute Act and of course the DJ…..
Phew, we’re very pleased to say we managed to grant all three wishes, just look at the B&G’s faces; they smiled and laughed throughout the whole day.

We even managed to get the author Kathy Pimlott, to sign a copy of her poem ‘You bring out the Nottingham in me’ that was read during the wedding ceremony for them to keep!!


Photo’s courtesy of Kate Lowe Photography. – Kate Lowe Photography


Dear Sandra
What a lovely conclusion to all of the planning and preparations for our wedding!You were so invaluable in pulling all the pieces together in such a short period of time, and so reassuring whenever we started to stress. We just wanted to write to you to say thank you for everything that you did for us in organising our special day. Everyone has been saying what a fantastic day it was, and that is all down to you! You were a calm oasis of expertise, so warm and so encouraging, and so careful to listen to our wedding aspirations. We were amazed when we opened the present, it was so thoughtful and very kind, and it was just what we needed to perk us up when we returned from our lovely honeymoon. Lots of love and best wishes.
From your Bride & Groom
S & V,
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