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It’s such an honour when a family returns and requests your help with another very special family occasion!

Two years after working on Megan & Sean’s wedding I received a call from Holly, Megan’s bridesmaid, and future sister in law.

Holly and Robert were to be married at Rockley Manor in Wessex at the beginning of June, and although the wedding was arranged and very much in hand, they wanted to throw a very large celebration party for all their guests that couldn’t attend the ceremony and they wanted our help.

Holly explained that they would love to hold the party in one of the large barns back home in glorious Derbyshire two weeks after they got married; and asked if I would visit to see if it was possible…. of course, I said “yes, we’d love to”

The Barn before I Do Weddings for you worked some magic

It’s important you see the ‘before’ photograph of the barn to fully appreciate quite what a challenge this was going to be and why we loved every single moment of doing it!!

To see the pictures of this amazing transformation just go to our ‘Storyboard’ the images really are a must see and the minute long video is simply spectacular! Click here to see it.

In the mean time I would like to thank Becki from Red Square Photography, for sharing these beautiful images of Holly & Robert on their wedding day, I think you’ll agree they are a beautiful looking couple and look just perfect together as man and wife.


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Holly & Robert,

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