Gemma & Matt

Clients Wishes

Every wedding has family at the heart of it; but for Gemma and Matt, Henry and Matilda were integral to making it complete ‘the little people’ mattered in this very special day!!
They were both very focused and knew instantly what kind of look and feel they wanted for their wedding. A traditional church wedding with a big easy going reception where everyone could relax and have fun; and boy did they pulled it off with a fabulous vintage marquee. It was lovely to be able to assist Gemma with some of the details that helped complete their dream wedding.

Photography – Matt Horan Photography


I’ve known Sandra and “I Do” Weddings for a number of years, so she was naturally my first choice when I needed help to make our vintage wedding theme complete.We had an amazing day from start to finish and the marquee was perfect
Love Gemma & Matt
Gemma & Matt,
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