Catherine & Matt

Clients Wishes

It was an absolute pleasure creating and planning Catherine and Matts Wedding Day from start to finish. Working with two very young people the wedding day had to feel fun and relaxed but still maintain the traditions of a family wedding. Everything had a young vibrant feel to it without loosing or diluting the importance of their Wedding Vow’s. l can honestly say l enjoyed every moment helping them plan their wonderful day.
When we approached I Do Weddings we didn’t really know what we wanted for our wedding day or where best to start, we only seemed to know what we didn’t want! After speaking and meeting a couple of times with Sandra we decided to start with the wedding dress and then from there everything else just seemed to fall into place effortlessly. It wasn’t long before we started to enjoy the whole experience as she just seemed to get us!
We had the best day ever, mainly because we had all the things we ‘thought’ we didn’t want but somehow Sandra made us realised we did want them after all….clever, not sure how she did it but we’re sure glad she did!
Catherine & Matt,
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