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I was so honoured and suprised to receive a call from Caroline asking for my help with her wedding day; I have watched Caroline grow into a very successful and beautiful woman since the day she was born, and although we hadn’t seen each other for a large number of years, I had been following her journey into adulthood through Facebook. Caroline had made a beautiful life for herself with Scott in London following her graduation from University.

We had both lost our mums many years ago, and for Caroline it was at a very young age…so I knew that planning the most special day of her life could well be a very difficult one emotionally and I wanted to help where ever and whenever I could.

Helping Caroline was a journey into the past for us both, remembering two beautiful women and their friendship was certainly a special time. It felt so fitting that all this reminiscing was setting the foundations for Caroline and Scott’s future together and how privileged was I to be part of it!

It was very important that a few personal touches were adding to Caroline’s wedding day that ensured her loving mum’s presence was with her throughout.

Dad Ken made a beautiful set of wooden ladders that we adorned with small posies of flowers and photos of her mum Margaret. Lay just at the side and sat nicely, we placed a beautiful basket filled with yellow daffodils, her favourite flower. But the most precious thing that was going to play an important part in Caroline’s day was her mum’s wedding tiara. Caroline so wanted this precious heirloom to be a prominent part of her wedding day too, unfortunately it didn’t really compliment Caroline’s dress and to be honest, it needed a little TLC. Thankfully being a wedding planner, I get to meet and work with some wonderful suppliers and knew immediately who could help. We asked Julie at the Tiara Bar; to dismantle and remake the tiara into a piece of jewellary Caroline could wear around her neck, I think you’ll agree, it was the perfect solution.

I loved every minute of the wedding day, it was such a joyous family occasion and I have never seen a bride and groom laugh as much as they did!!



Photos by Kate Lowe Photography

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