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Giving a wedding speech is a time for reflection, sincerity and humor, so we want you to enjoy it too. Coaching for wedding speeches is a unique wedding service that none of our competitors offer. “I Do” Weddings For You creator is an avid public speaker and is really passionate about speaking. It’s because of this love for speaking that wedding speech coaching has been included in our wedding services.

Nervous V Excitement, yes…you can have both!

We will help you deliver your speech in such a way, it will not just be listened to, but it will be heard!

Whether you’re the Father of the Bride; the Groom or the Best Man, it doesn’t matter, we can provide you with basic techniques in dealing with speech anxieties through practice and feedback sessions, all tailored to your needs.

There are specific formats that need to be followed when speech writing, and specifically for a wedding speech, there’s also wedding etiquette that needs to be considered.

How we get started

“I Do” will arrange an initial consultation meeting in your home or a place of your choice where you will feel most comfortable. This initial meeting will give us an opportunity to get to know each other and understand what you require. This meeting is free of charge and there are no obligations attached.
Once we have identified your needs; and we understand the type and level of support you need to deliver a good speech “I Do” will discuss in detail the variety of services we have available.
“I Do” will then draft a proposal and provide you with a quotation of works.

What we offer

Preparation of wedding speech
One to one coaching for speech delivery
Work on pitch, tone and sincerity
Relaxation, breathing and vocal exercises

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