What makes a good wedding planner?

August 19, 2016
Are you wondering what makes a good wedding planner; do you want to know how to choose the right one for you? 

Well both of these questions are very important, and for me the answer is quite simple. It’s simply “follow your heart” 

Okay, so you have to do a little checking too, a little bit of homework, make sure they actually know what they are doing…..but basically, at the end of the day you should always go with your gut instinct, it’s built into you….and it will always tell you the truth.

Now, I’m a big believer in communication is key to getting things right, oh I’m not talking ‘Corporate Speak’ opening effective communication channels and all that…..no, I simply mean talking!

I’m a real person with real feelings and real experiences, someone much the same as you I suspect, so when looking for someone to work with, it’s important to me that they are like that too.

Now, I’m not afraid to share my feelings, hope and dreams, but more importantly, I want to hear about your hopes and dreams too. It’s this openness that brought me our first customer Kim; my first customer and I made her cry, yes, I made her cry… upon seeing how I’d decorated her room “OMG you got me exactly” she said. How did I do that, because I listened?

Likewise; when I met with the Nottingham Lord Mayor, Councillor Jackie Morris at a charity event, it was pretty much the same kind of thing. She loved my unusual approach to table decorations, and when I shared the poignant reason behind their designs she immediately booked me to work on her own charity ball the following year. This in turn got me an interview with our local news paper and an interview on why I set up my business (but that’s a number of stories for later blogs I suspect) and the publicity in the paper got me invited to talk on BBC Radio Nottingham.

Oh gosh, any one that knows me knows how I love my public speaking….but live radio, now that really does mean thinking on your feet…wow!  With the adrenalin running, the passion clearly showing in my voice, I relayed yet again the story of “I Do” Weddings for You. This catapulted us in to a new realm altogether.

Now a regular guest on BBC Radio I get to talk about all sorts, normal every day things, local and international news…weddings (naturally) and, wedding speeches to name a few!

 So, why is any of this relevant to choosing the right wedding planner I hear you ask…well, I suppose what I trying to say is, it’s my passion for people and my openness that gets me a regular slot on the radio, it’s because I stay true to myself…it’s these qualities that attract new brides and grooms to my business all the time. So, when meeting with, or searching for your wedding planner look for these very important traits;

Honesty – you’re expectations will definitely be met

Passion – nothing will be too much trouble and the attention to details will be simply amazing

Openness – everyone at the wedding will be cared for, your guests will love her too

If these are present and you’ve followed your heart, you’re onto a sure winner.

Happy hunting.


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